Sicily Bag At London Fashion Week

Sicily Bag Straw Bag LFW Sept 15

This year’s September London Fashion week coincided with the launch of The perfect opportunity to show off the unique Sicilian creations to the London Fashion crowd.

This year, LFW organisers shook things up by moving the event to a hip & trendy new venue. A parking lot in Soho’s Brewer Street is one of five venues housing the best that  British Fashion has to offer.

The new venue (or should I say venues) choice is a smart one: oozing with that independent, slightly alternative London flair. The shows are centred around the densely inhabited Soho district, home to many pubs, gay clubs, sex shops & even mountains of rubbish bags (which served as sofas for some visitors).

Sicily Bag "Isabella".

Sicily Bag “Isabella”.

As expected the opulently embellished Sicily Bag caused quite a stir.  On day one of Fashion Week, I chose a feminine dress in geometric pattern, repeating the Sicilian cart pattern of the coffa.

On day two, I let Sicily Bag do all the talking. A simple yet elegant jumpsuit provided the perfect canvas to show off the straw bag. Both outfits prove the versatility of the classic bag candy.

I was pleased to spot Pom Poms everywhere amongst the street style fashion pack. They decorated dresses, shoes and earrings.

Sicily Bag is the pap's darling!

Sicily Bag is the pap’s darling!

Asos Pom Pom shoes at LFW Sept 15.

Asos Pom Pom shoes at LFW Sept 15.

Sicily Bag Straw Bag LFW Sept 15

Sicily Bag London Fashion Week 2015

Sicily Bag. “Gigi”.