All Sicily Bags are dispatched the same, or the next Business day and come with the option of FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

Free Shipping uses the most economical shipping method available, which normally involves the delivery being made by the local postal service in the country of delivery. The timelines below are approximate and vary from country to country.  A more precise timescale will be shown on the checkout page when you input your delivery address.  In many cases your Sicily Bag will arrive sooner than the estimate below, but we’d rather under promise and over deliver. The delivery services in some countries are quite slow.

UK 5 business days
Europe 6 business days
Rest of World 9+ business days

UPS – Fast Shipping (optional) – If you live in a country where UPS offers an affordable fast shipping option, during the checkout process you will be given the option to select UPS Shipping instead of free shipping. Please note that even with the UPS faster shipping, we subsidise the cost so you still obtain the financial benefit of our “free shipping” policy. For example, if free shipping to your country costs our company £45 in postage fees and UPS shipping costs £70, then we will offer the UPS shipping at a rate of £25. You will only pay the difference between the “free shipping” rate and the UPS shipping rate.

Fast Shipping for orders that contain a Grande or Medio size Sicily Bag:

Grande/Medio bags require their own box for shipping, so the UPS rate is charged for each Grande/Medio bag purchased.

USA – £43 per bag 2-3 business days
 France/UK/Netherlands/Denmark/Sweden/Finland/Monaco – £24 per bag  2-3 business days
 Italy/Spain/Greece/Norway –£35 per bag 2-3 business days

Fast Shipping for orders that do not contain any Grande or Medio size bags. Ie. orders that contain only Piccolo Sicily Bags:

Piccolo bags can be packaged together so the rate is per order and can include up to 5 Piccolo bags.

USA – £51 per order 2-3 business days
 France/UK/Netherlands/Denmark/Sweden/Finland/Monaco – £24 per order  2-3 business days
 Italy/Spain/Greece/Norway –£35 per order 2-3 business days

If your purchase combines Piccolo and Grande/Medio bags, then the cheaper Grande/Medio rate will apply.

If you have an enquiry about shipping or want a quote for express shipping to your country, you can email us ( Please make sure to include your city & country details in the email, as well as letting us know which size bags you are wanting to ship. We’ll respond as fast as possible.