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No two designs the same.

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Our Story

As my alter ego, Romantique – an avid lover of all things aesthetic – I’ve navigatedย the Globeย blogging about fashion trends and sharing my style and my thoughts with the world ย via a fashion and lifestyle blog –ย Romantique & Rebel.

Whilst roaming the streets of outer Palermo – a wonderful, vibrant city of immeasurable charm – we stumbled upon one of the few remaining authentic Sicilian coffa bagย producers and fell instantly in love with the delicious colours and alluring textures that make theseย accessories so splendidly unique and versatile.

From that chance encounter, we resolved to bring these beautiful artisanal creations to the wardrobes of the world, whilst supporting the beautiful family who ply this fading craft.

Sicily Bagย was born…


Luigi smiles as he sitsย in the tranquil courtyard of his Palermo home. The air is humid, the temperature tropical, the sights, smells and sounds of the cityย hustle poetically around him as he weaves his magic.

Today is like every other day for Luigi. For decades, he has dedicated himself to manufacturing the highest quality Sicillian coffa bags; an artisanal craft that he has passed on to the next generation; his children. Using only the finest calibre hand shoots of Sicilian dwarf palm, Luigi painstakingly garnishes each design using mirrors, technicoloured pom-poms and other Sicillian regalia.

No two designs are the same. Each Luigiย creation a masterpiece.

All will be treasured.ย ย