What Sicily Bag customers are saying…

Milan & London
I am completely in love with my beautiful Limoncello bag! It is the perfect accessory for both the beach and more formal occasions, and it is now a treasured piece in my wardrobe. I adore the fact that each bag is totally unique, and the craftsmanship really is flawless. It feels incredibly special to own such a beautiful work of art, especially when it has been hand crafted with such evident attention to detail and skill. I am constantly overwhelmed by compliments wherever I go, and it is a real talking piece! Thank you very very much, Sicily Bag for such a stunning bag, and for a simply faultless customer service. Nadine is utterly delightful and so helpful, and I cannot recommend the brand enough!

Nadine is wonderful!!!! I arrived in my hotel and my lovely Sicily Bag was there waiting for me! Nadine took care of everything! I want more one-of-a-kind Sicily Bags. Thank you! I am in love! 

Reading, UK
Thank you! I'm so happy with your beautiful bag. It is perfectly used in Italy! 

Maryland, USA
My biggest vice in life is aspiring to live a fun loving, and aesthetically pleasing life. My Sicily Bag brings me joy... It's so pretty to look at, it's chic, and it continues the legacy of Sicilian artisans. Since the debut of my bag at luncheons and pool days, I have received so many compliments... The bag is truly a statement piece that will live a very long life with me!

Sydney, Australia
An absolute treasured piece in my wardrobe! I love that owning one of these beautiful bags is helping to keep alive, a fading artform that is these traditional, handmade coffa bags! Not only is it an artisan piece made with so much love, it embellishes any outfit with such style and beauty!! Thank you Sicily Bag for such a wonderful, quality product and perfect customer service! x

New York, USA
The Isabella Sicily Bag set the tone for my summer with its vibrant colors, craftsmanship and flirty embellishments. Thank you for bringing a little bit of Sicily with me wherever I go!

San José, Costa Rica
I get so many compliments every time I wear my Sicily Bag! The bag is just amazing and the customer service is excellent. You have achieved something really special. Congrats!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We received the Sicily Bag this morning and it is sooooooo beautiful!!! Me and my mum are so in love with it!! My mum wants to order another one soon, a medium sized one this time! We are in LOVE with your bag! Absolutely stunning! And we had like 4 women came up to us and ask where we got the bag from! Beautiful!!  Thank you so much for the best customer service & we are just so happy with everything! xx

New York, USA
I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship is impeccable. I'm so thrilled to own a piece of this incredible heritage!! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with! This was a marvelous experience start to finish. We are heading to Puerto Rico on Saturday for my brother's wedding! The bag is perfect for the destination! Elegant and chic yet beachy and fun. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful accessory to accompany me!!

Rome, Italy
It's here!! And its oh so beautiful!!! Is it weird that I want to cuddle this bag?? It's just so darn cute!.......What a work of art!

Rhode Island, USA
Thank you thank you thank you x1000, my friend is going to be so pleased with the bag and I will be spreading my love of the company as often as I can. You have been so helpful and I am so excited about this company!

Catania, Sicily
Oh my God, my new Love is here with me!!!! I'm already thinking about a perfect outfit for my little baby. Thank you very much for this amazing bag!

Georgia, USA
I just got my tote and it's wonderful!!!! I love it and can't wait to carry it! My husband thinks it suits my personality. Thanks for all your help, Lisa

Turku, Finland
It's (Sicily Bag) even more beautiful in real life! Thank you very much!

Istanbul, Turkey
My lovely must-have Sicily Bag and a lovelier team!  Beautiful touch of beautiful people.